About us

Bluesky 24 presents weather conditions by images from the live cameras in HD quality Our cameras are installed in the ski resorts in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and Catalonia. In Bluesky24 you can find current weather, ski conditions and snow conditions. On TV we present spots, which show current weather, current ski conditions and snow. On TV we present spots, which show current weather, current ski conditions and snow conditions. Bluesky24 share content from our website to other portals in Poland and abroad.

Dlaczego warto korzystać z BlueSky24?

System Bluesky24 jest zintegrowanym software'em do przekazywania obrazów live in HD quality. System is built with cameras, routers, recorders and players. We provide highest quality panoramic videos with actual weather conditions from regions, ski areas and attractive tourists locations. Videos is streamed live in HD quality to do sieci TV kablowych i satelitarnych , jak również do wielu portali internetowych.


Nowadays internet is primary medium for gathering informations before going on vacations. That's why it is so important to quickly and accurately deliver knowledge about actual weather conditions.

The most common terms searched in Google before going to mountains:

What is the weather?

What are snow conditions

Live camera streams

By positioning website in Google and taking active actions on Facebook we get traffic from people, who plan to go on vacations.

Thanks to cooperation with Bluesky24 you get:

  1. Dotarcie do większości osób szukających informacji o pogodzie i kamerach internetowych w Twojej miejscowości.

  2. Live stream in polish televisions

  3. Possibility to stream cameras on any website

  4. Sharing live streams in form of javascript widgets

Get familiar with our multimedia capabilities.